Top 5 Benefits For Using Essential Oils In A Diffuser Necklace


Using diffuser jewellery gives you the chance to diffuse your essential oils, wherever you are.

Whether it’s work, gym, school or just when visiting a friend, you can wear your necklace and take your favourite essential oils with you. Just add a few drops to the material inside and you can have the health benefits of using an oil diffuser with the ease of wearing a necklace! ? But you may be wondering why you should even consider wearing diffuser jewellery? Here are 5 reasons:
  1. Boost your immunity and protect yourself from colds by diffusing essential oils whenever you’re out. If you’re seeing a friend who’s got a cold or there’s a bug going around at work, you can diffuse a blend of oils in your necklace that can help prevent you from getting ill.
  2. Improve your mood and keep it like that throughout your day. A lot of people diffuse essential oils at home to help them feel happier, calmer, relieve their anxiety or just to help themselves relax after a long day. Instead of waiting to get home, you can take a few drops of your favourite blend with you and feel great without having to use an electric diffuser.
  3. It’s convenient for travelling when you can’t take your diffuser with you. Carrying an electric diffuser onto a plane when you’re going on holiday, or in your bag when visiting a friend out of town is a hassle. So leave your full-size electric diffuser at home and wear your necklace! All you have to do is carry one or a few bottles of oil in your bag.
  4. If you find yourself with not enough time to get out your diffuser and oils when you get home from work, you can just put a drop in your necklace and wear it instead! It’s got a faster set-up, is extremely easy and no one is too tired to put on a necklace. ?
  5. No dilution needed! Essential oils are too strong to use on your skin if they haven’t been diluted, but by using a necklace that doesn’t let the oil come into contact with your body means it’s completely safe to diffuse your oils at their full strength.
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